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Meet Handbird artist Felicity Rogers

In 2005 Handbird Productions was contracted to create some of the main animation sequences for the archeological TV series "What Lies Beneath".

In this eight-part series, Simon Dallow takes viewers on a journey back in time. Along the way he'll debunk myths, solve riddles and shed new light in a mix of contemporary and historic subjects that cover the earliest stages of Maori and Pakeha occupation of New Zealand.

Kohika excavation
"What Lies Beneath" available on DVD in NZ stores.

1. SIGNS OF TSUNAMI – Did tsunami wreak havoc on Maori settlements hundreds of years ago.
2. SECRETS OF THE SWAMP – The Kohika excavation.
3. MYSTERIES OF THE CRYPT - An excavation to find the final resting place of one of our PM's.
4. SECRETS OF THE GUNFIGHTER PA - The Bell Block excavation.
5. THE MISSING MINERS - The Lawrence Chinese camp excavation.
6. SEARCHING FOR THE FIRST COASTERS - The Buller River mouth excavation.
7. UNDER WELLINGTON - The Tonks Avenue excavation and Plimmer's Ark preservation.
8. IN SEARCH OF THE GOOD KEEN WHALERS – The Te Hoe Whaling station excavation and Pre European whaling evidence.

Bell Block excavationBell Block excavation
Kohika excavationKohika excavation
Te Hoe Whaling station excavationTe Hoe Whaling station excavation
CREDITS for animation created for episodes 2, 4, 6, 8
Archeological research and 3D modeling provided by Geometria Ltd.
Texturing, animation, camera, lighting and compositing by Handbird Productions.
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Handbird Productions © Copyright Felicity Rogers 2006