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~ Shelf Life ~
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In 2000, a joint study was set up between the Australian Government and CSIRO scientists to develop a scientifically informed integrated management approach for the North West Shelf of Australia.

Sophisticated computer models were used to simulate the effects of various industrial developments on the ecosystem.

The aim was to provide an informed basis for guiding the integrated management of uses in the region.

"Shelf Life" resulted from CSIRO's need to communicate this research project to the wider scientific community as well as the general public.

The purpose of the short animated marine documentary is to demonstrate visually using a representative area of the North West Shelf, how the use of scientific modeling and simulation can help us better understand and manage diverse and potentially conflicting uses of the marine environment.

This was a contract project that spanned several years with the animation being updated and developed as the research findings where completed. The final 9 minute version of Shelf Life has recently been released in High Definition.

Shelf Life DVD cover
Shelf Life film still
FILM PREMIERE ~ Tokyo, April 2004

"Shelf Life" was reported to be well received when it premiered to 450 people as part of the 2004 Japan Prize Commemorative Lecture presented by Dr. Keith Sainsbury on "Science to support the ecologically sustainable use of marine ecosystems".
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