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What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?
Meet Handbird artist Felicity Rogers
AWARDS & ACHIEVEMENTS: 2006 ~ 2005 ~ 2004 ~ 2003 ~ 2002 ~ 2001-2000 ~ 1999-1998

- Finalist in the 8th Japanese Art and Photography Contest.

- Runner-up judged by Heather Angel in the International PhotoArt 2002 competition

- November Feature Artist on www.pixiport.com

- Recipient of a "Ronald Woolf Memorial Trust" grant to fund an exhibition in 2003. Photography Exhibited at AMES Awards Dinner

- NZ$9,000 North Harbour Club "AMES Awards" grant for Excellence in the Arts.
Photography exhibited at the AMES Awards Dinner held at the Spencer Hotel, Takapuna.

- Guest Speaker for UNITEC's "Diploma in Contemporary Photography" course.

- Front page article in the "North Shore Times Advertiser" about film grant.

- June Feature Artist on www.photosights.com

- NZ$15,138 "Screen Innovation Production Fund" grant to go towards the creation of the animated short film Dream Within a Dream.

- Solo Photography Exhibition "Through the Mind's Eye", Aotea Gallery, Auckland, May 21st - 9th June 2002.
Photography Exhibition, Aotea Gallery Photography Exhibition, Aotea Gallery
Article in Metro Magazine, May 2002

- Recipient of a "Ronald Woolf Memorial Trust" Grant to fund first exhibition.

- Article in Metro magazine May 2002.

- Finalist in the 7th Japanese Art and Photography Contest.

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