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What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?
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AWARDS & ACHIEVEMENTS: 2006 ~ 2005 ~ 2004 ~ 2003 ~ 2002 ~ 2001-2000 ~ 1999-1998

- Guest Speaker at the North Shore Photographic Society and "The Edge" Youth Arts Festival held at the Aotea Centre.

- Finalist in the 6th Japanese Art and Photography Contest.

- Guest Speaker at the Photographic Society of New Zealand's National Exhibition.

- Photographic Society of New Zealand "Associateship Honours" (APSNZ).

- Diploma in 3D Computer Animation and the Industry Panel Award for Excellence in Lighting and Rendering.


What Digital Camera magazine, Feature Article October 2000- Finalist in the 5th Japanese Art and Photography Contest.

- 3 page spread of Photography and Feature Article published in October edition of UK Magazine What Digital Camera.

- Gold Medal for photograph in Abstract Monochrome section of the North Shore National Salon of Photography.

- Grand Prize Winner in the 4th Japanese Internet International Photo Contest. Photograph published in the June edition of Korean magazine Design News Week.

- Grand Prize Winner in an International Digital Photography Competition.

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