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~ Dream Within a Dream ~
All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream. ~Edgar Allen Poe
Meet Handbird artist Felicity Rogers

Created 2003 - 2004, Dream Within a Dream is the first short animated film of New Zealand artist Felicity Rogers.

Inspired by the conceptual imagery in her digital photography, Felicity brings to life many of these surreal scenes in her 9 minute film.

Starring in the film are Richard Gannaway and Tammy Peters who were filmed against a "green screen" background at the Beach Haven Community Hall in Auckland. The film footage later combined in the computer with the animated characters.

Dream Within a Dream is an original screenplay written and directed by Felicity Rogers. Inspired by the story "Swan Lake", the film weaves a magical tale around the theme of dreams and illusions.

The music soundtrack incorporates the classic "Swan Lake" score recorded on electric guitar by Richard Gannaway.

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Click here to read about the Dream Within a Dream collaboration between artists Felicity Rogers and Richard Gannaway.

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Dream Within a Dream © Felicity Rogers 2004
FILM SYNOPSIS ~ What if your eyes could see outside this living dream?

A Magician from the world of dreams gains power through a 'moonstone pendant' to control Odette's imagination as she sleeps. Beginning with a tranquil lake scene that slowly transforms into a nightmare, Odette battles with the darker side of her subconscious mind to break the Magician's spell.

A film of contrast between reality versus illusion, that poses the question, "what does it mean to be awake?"

Running Time: 9 minutes
Dream Within a DreamDream Within a Dream
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