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True art is characterised by an irresistible urge in the creative artist ~ Albert Einstein
Meet Handbird artist Felicity Rogers
"Through my artwork, I aim to capture a world of dreams and illusions"

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Felicity Rogers is a self-employed digital artist and 3D computer animator operating under the name of "Handbird Productions".

Felicity's background as a Magician led to her fascination with illusionary imagery. Since taking up photography her images have developed from composite printing in the darkroom, to digital manipulation in the computer.

With a passion for Surrealism, Felicity uses her digital wizardry to conjure up photographs and animated films of her magical dreamscapes.

Handbird Artist Felicity Rogers
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My aim as a Surreal artist is to create images that challenge the reality we see before us. My photography and animation is about exploring the imagination creating something new and unseen. I hope that these images inspire others to seek out their own "Dreamscapes" ~ Felicity Rogers

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